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July last year (2011), here is a report of a survey conducted. The aim was to determine the satisfaction with web designers. The conclusions and effects are now known. There are some interesting things surfaced. For example, 40% of respondents no longer the same web designer to choose!


A good website is essential for a company. Lets you build a website by a friend or do it yourself? Or switch you use a professional agency? And what should a good web designer then meet? Through the Web Design Survey 2011 is mapped. Many professional visitors for building web design, enables only one third of our visitors to another party. The rest do it yourself. The main reason is that you can build yourself a website. Audience divided if we individuals (no website) and professional aside, the figures are obviously different. Yet it is true that 47% did not turn professional to make the website. About knowledge and service the specialist knowledge and the alleged service are the main reasons for choosing a particular web design agency.

Hard features such as delivery time, price and accessibility play less a role in the choice of a desk. This applies to those who already have a professional web design agency promptly, if those who do not (yet) do. Many dissatisfied customers approximately one third of the respondents are not satisfied with the services of web design agencies. The least satisfied one is about delivery, 44% are not happy. Web design agencies score the best accessibility, but this is still 29% dissatisfied. Service and knowledge issues especially knowledge / quality and service are issues for the web design agencies. These characteristics are very important to find, but it is not very happy.

Little loyalty:

But just over half of the participants in the future for the same web design agency to choose. 40% will not do. Other services half (50%) of buyers other services has decreased. This is all about hosting and website statistics. Here it is generally satisfied.


Netherlands, DIY country, is also to make our websites. Many make the website itself or even a change in knowledge. Professional offices by the target in only 53% of cases hired. They choose an agency in particular to the expected knowledge and service. This applies to both buyers and do-it-yourselfers. Web design agencies of Singapore would carry more than their profile with things like delivery, accessibility and price. As many as one third quantities of the buyers are not satisfied with the services of web design agencies. Slightly less than half choose in the future not for the same office. A sign on the wall!

As many as half will next web design services to other, this is especially for hosting and related matters. Full-service firms seem to have an advantage, who and what the web design survey 2011 was completed by 367 visitors in Singapore. Approximately half are self-employed, employed in fourth and fifth as individuals responded? Note to publish these results may be freely distributed provided, that a link is included.

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