Low Cost Campaign For AdWords – 3 Tips For Successful Google AdWords

Why you will fail without them. There are millions of people online these days that are trying to sell their product or service. The real key to their success is to get targeted traffic to their sales page. Because you can have the best product or service but if no one knows that you are […]

Google Drive

Google has been busy this year churning out products, applications and now even cloud computing. Google has long had their Docs application, which allowed users to edit, update and share documents to help with group projects and collaborations. Google Drive takes this cloud concept one step further. So what exactly can Google Drive do for […]

Make Friends With Google

If you are in any way involved in marketing on the Internet, it’s time to make friends with Google. And don’t think about just becoming an acquaintance. Serious online marketers know that Google needs to be their best friend. Because if Google becomes an enemy – for instance, if for some reason you become black […]

Mobile Ads In Google Adwords

Before creating a mobile ad, create a separate campaign because to get a better understanding of the data and statistic for mobile ads. You can monitor and optimize the performance of your mobile ads. Advantages of creating a separate campaign for mobile ads 1.Mobile-specific keywords 2.Reporting 3.Mobile ads statistics Note that the iPhones and other […]

Google AdWords Basics Part Four – Landing Page Optimization

When using Google AdWords, your landing page should always be highly relevant to the ad you’re placing. The higher the relevancy of your ad, the better the price of your CPC per keyword. That’s just how Google does business. Don’t try to fool customers by sending them to some page you think they’ll like better […]

Google Maps Search Tips

Google has continued its unprecedented conquering of all things internet with the release of Google Maps, a mapping and routing tool available through the Google Maps website.  Google Maps is also the default GPS system for the new Android phone, making it an attractive, convenient alternative to the traditional GPS device. Google Earth was the […]

Google Redirects to Other Sites – Why is Google Redirecting to Other Sites and How Do I Fix It?

If you are an Internet user you must be familiar with the highly valuable Internet search through the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Although searching through search engines is almost accurate but there occur certain search errors at the user end. For instance, a lot of users report that Google redirects to […]

Ignoring Google Guidelines Will Not Get You Banned

I shouldn’t have to say it. It should totally stand to reason that if I, who defy Google at every step and turn, say that ignoring the Google rules is okay, then it works. I mean, I make a lot of money by not doing what Google says. For that matter, I make a lot […]

How Does Google Analytics Work?

Analytic is a webmaster tool which helps you understand how many visitors have visited your website. It is a great tool for online marketers as it helps us understand where our traffic is coming and its fluctuations.It gives a clear summary on the ratio of changes that occurs. At first you go to Analytic main […]

Pay-Per-Click Copywriting – Google AdWords Beginner’s Guide

Google AdWords allows you to bid for higher placement on search engine pages. If you do a great campaign, you can get top ranking. But as many an entrepreneur has experienced, it can cost a lot of money. Below are the basics on how to get started without overspending. Before you get started on a […]