Description Of The Pdu

The system provided by the present invention at least comprises a transmitting terminal and a receiving terminal. The transmitting terminal is used to transmit the data in the form of packets through a predetermined first data message pdu. After an Acknowledged Mode Radio Link Control (AM RLC) connection is established between the receiving terminal and […]

Importance Of Meta Description And Meta Robots In Seo

If youre one of those people who develops and creates a website using HTML, you definitely are aware that a meta description tag is written using this format: A ,meta description is a section of ones webpage wherein you can create a summary explaining what your site is all about. Creation of this meta information […]

Glee on Cowbell Web Development Articles :Meta-tags Description- The Soul of the Webpage

Description meta-tag is another meta-tag that is considered to be a standard search engine optimization (SEO) tool. Like other meta elements, description meta-tags are not seen by your online shop’s visitors. Instead, they are only seen by web crawlers that help you get into search engine results. Also the ones that see these are the […]