Shocking yoga practices

In the modern world when humans always stay at a high risk of stress, it is not surprising that more and more people are turning to do yoga, a form of body exercise. Originating from India, this type of exercise has proved its benefits to health. Yoga is recommended by health expert as one of the best way to reduce stress and keep body balance. In fact, doing yoga helps people gain balance between stretching and relaxing, activity and leisure. However, this is a really challenging form of exercise. To become a real yogi takes time, energies, patience and even pain. Yoga exercising contains movements that require great care and skillfulness. Some yogis even invented so challenging movements that not many yogis can do. In fact, they combine yoga with other forms of exercises not to make a new yoga exercise but also create impressive movements displayed to the public.


Those who are afraid of breaking necks and backs should not try this exercise


Upside down yoga


He looks like a circus artist


It’s wondered how long they can keep this position


She must be a great gymnast


Few yogis can exercise like her


This girl must experienced much pain to do this exercise


What strong legs!



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