PPC Revenge 2.0 Guide Review

Would you like to find out more about the new PPC Revenge 2.0 Guide created by the professional pay per click marketer Jacobo Benitez? This new system was mainly designed because Jacobo realized the dangers of relying solely on Google Adwords as a traffic source. Anyone who has experience with Adwords marketing would most definitely know how they can simply turn off campaigns without giving much explanation about why they did it.

1. Why Was the PPC Revenge 2.0 Guide Created?

This can make it very difficult to make the right corrections, and some marketers have been known to have lost their entire online business traffic source that they have spent many years creating without any reason. This guide is for marketers who are using or thinking of using pay per click advertising methods but do not want to leave their income vulnerable to being switched off at any time. Jacobo himself had used to be very much reliant on his Google income but never did he expect his own Google Adwords campaigns to be suddenly terminated.

2. Do You Really Need To Learn the PPC Revenge 2.0 Strategies?

Luckily, he managed to bounce back quickly by finding an alternative traffic source and copying all his methods while making some minor tweaks to fit with the new advertising network. This allowed him to quickly revive his 6 figure business again. No one has a clear answer about why Google is suddenly terminating so many Adwords accounts within such a short period of time, and I would recommend that all marketers learn these new strategies to protect themselves or if they want to start their pay per click campaigns on the right networks.

3. Which Pay Per Click Network Does PPC Revenge 2.0 Make Money From?

This new system uses MSN AdCenter as a main traffic source as Jacobo have found it to be faster, simpler and cheaper to generate traffic with. On top of that, users can also input direct links to set up quick test campaigns, something which Google has been very strict about in its policies.

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