PPC Help

If you are new to PPC, Pay Per Click, it can seem very confusing and a bit overwhelming to set up your first campaign. So you may need a bit of PPC help and advice.

So Many Variables

Because there are so many aspects to putting together a pay per click campaign you will need to break it down into the individual steps that you will need to accomplish.

First, get it out of you head and down on paper. Laying out your campaign in an orderly fashion allows you to see the step by step increments that you will need to accomplish. This takes the pressure off of you feeling overwhelmed and allows you to focus and concentrate on completing one step at a time.

Picking Your Keywords

You need to have your niche and target audience already picked out. In other words, if your niche is ‘health’, that is a very broad spectrum, and you will be throwing your money away by investing in ‘health’ as your main keyword. Who is your target audience for health, is it back ache pain? Is it people who take nutrients? Is it alternative health care, herbs or vitamins? Whatever it is, drill down into your subject and get as specific as you can in finding keywords people are searching for.

Now nobody, not even the pros know which keywords will actually perform, so they always pick out a dozen or more keywords to test market. Then you have to decide how to place your keywords in your ad. So you will end up composing a dozen or more ads with your keywords split up between them.

Creating Your Ads

As you are doing your keyword searches, put them into the search engines and see what other advertisers are already doing. After you compose what you consider your most powerful ad, you need to put together a few others that you will also be able to use for split testing.

You need to write a compelling ad, otherwise why should people click on it? So be sure to brush up on your Copywriting techniques. Understanding what good copywriting is, and how it works, is the best possible PPC help you could ever get. And even if you have written an ad that catches peoples attention, you need to have a great landing page – that’s the page people come to after clicking on you ad. If your sales page isn’t very convincing why will people buy your product. So test test test. Write up more than one or two landing pages to show your friends and family and get their honest opinions. Don’t argue with them, just listen to what they have to say.

An open Google secret is that the better your landing page and ad are, the less money your PPC will cost you, no matter what it looks like your initial PPC cost is. Google always rewards quality.

Your AdWords Account

If you haven’t done it already, you need to set up your AdWords account and your ad groups. Google has a fantastic information section and if you can’t find an answer to your question there, just Google your question into the search engine. Somebody else has already faced the same situation, and there is an answer out there somewhere.

Going Live
This will be the most exciting click of your mouse today. You did it. Now you need to be tracking and analyzing your results. And be sure to set a daily budget limit.

When putting all of this together for the first time, each of your steps might take an hour or two to complete. But within a few hours hours, you will have completed them and successfully created your first PPC campaign and begin to start seeing results.

The solution to getting the best PPC help is to break it all down. You will then feel comfortable and realize it is all doable. After all, thousands of people are doing it everyday.

Be Fearless,
Billy Ojai

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