Network Security Audits

Security assessments and audits are vital aspects of managing a network. If your company has never completed one, you may be due to have it completed at this very moment. A network audit is recommended at least on a quarterly basis, occasionally this may be even more frequent, depending on your organisation’s needs.To ensure the value of security auditing, you need to avoid any negative side-affects of your audits. You have to make sure that your security auditing disrupts day-to-day business as little as possible. You want to ensure that the audits do not get in the way of any personnel. Make sure that everyone can do their job as normal as possible.Unfortunately, WS auditors have been underserved by the available auditing tools and methods. Traditionally WS audits have been conducted as an onsite activity. The auditor must walk around with a handheld device sniffing over-the-air wireless data.

First, let us define the two network formats. In a P2P format every PC is responsible for its own security access. Basically, each PC is equal to every other PC in the network. These networks generally consist of less than ten computers and require a large amount of administrative overhead to function securely.Another main cause for conducting a security audit is because of the recent launch of web services in the functioning of a business. A wide stretch network of customers, which use Web structured applications, create a complex issue. So it is tough to treat all types of threats associated with the Internet. There can be unauthorised entry of Internet. Such actions are not only illegal but can also trigger problems in a profitable performing business.

The Kismet columns will show the wireless networks SSID (Name), Type of device (Access point, gateway) Encryption or no Encryption, an IP range and number of packets. Kismet will pick up hidden networks with SSID broadcast Disabled also, Netstumbler will not.Penetration testing includes both script-based and human-based attacks on the network in order to seek out and exploit vulnerabilities. The difference between this and say, criminal hackers looking to cause mischief or theft of data, is that you control the “attacker”. The “attacker” reports back to you on whether they were successful and if so, how to stop such an attack from being successful in real-life.A clear diagnosis of the operating system and the registry can be effectively run. This way, the severity of current problems can be ascertained while problems that exist below the surface can be detected. When an operating system is faltering, the computer’s lifespan is on borrowed time. Because of this it is necessary to detect and fix these problems right across a network early in the onset of the issue.

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