Low Cost Campaign For AdWords – 3 Tips For Successful Google AdWords

Why you will fail without them.

There are millions of people online these days that are trying to sell their product or service. The real key to their success is to get targeted traffic to their sales page. Because you can have the best product or service but if no one knows that you are there to see your product or service. Then your business is sure to fail.
Here are 3 tips for having a successful Google AdWords campaign.

1 – You need to use very specific key words for your topic or niche. Because if you are just using general terms then you will not get the targeted traffic that you need to purchase your product or service.

2 – You need to optimize your web page that you will be sending people to from your AdWords campaign. You need the key words to be the same key words that you are using from your ad and the content on that page has to be completely relevant to your key words. This is really important because this is partly how you will get a better click through rate and a better click through rate means that you will pay less for your pay per click.

3 – You need to do split testing you do this by running at least 2 different ads for the same key words and then after you get at least 50 clicks you want to see which ad is doing better. Then you will keep that one and make another ad and try to make it better than the leading ad. Always keep testing and tracking this is extremely important for you to get a better CTR click through rate. Because that better your CTR the lower your cost of your campaign for AdWords.

Now get busy using these tips on your campaigns.

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