Increase your Google Rank in 4 Simple Steps

In today’s fast paced, interactive and communication centric world, every business knows how important Google PageRank is. With almost everyone working round the clock on search engine optimization, it is important for your business to have that competitive edge. With a good Google PageRank, it becomes easier to maintain that lead over your competitors. Here are 5 simple steps to a completely optimized website that ranks high on Google and sports an impressive PageRank as well.

Content is King

As an entrepreneur, with a website, how many times have you heard this line? Well, it cannot be stressed enough. A website with good, evergreen content which is relevant to the business and useful to the readers is always in style. Google loves websites with high quality and authoritative content, so if you really want to score well, ensure that you have great content on your website. You will also be more likely to get high quality link backs because of your content.

Prepare Great Profiles

Your company should be all over the internet, but that does not mean that you can be callous about where your name appears. There are a lot of directories, listings and other places where you can put up your company profile. Make sure that you create great profiles with all the right buzzwords. While these profiles don’t matter much to Google, the do send you great link backs to your primary website. Also, your potential clients will see your name pop out often and that goes a long way for your branding.

Keyword Research

You may not give it a lot of importance, but empathy really works when you are researching keywords. If you know your customers and can empathize with them, it becomes easier for you to research keywords and think of what search terms your customers and potential customers may type into search engines. Aim for the popular keywords and use them to prepare high quality content that links back to your website.

Go on a Hiring Spree

Not literally, but go on and hire an expert in search engine optimization to work on your website. You may know some of the tricks of the trade, but to be able to do an immaculate job, you need someone who is an expert. Look for companies with a track record in providing high quality search engine optimization with great results. Of course, when you hire a company, keep a close eye on them and review their results closely. – Mojo Video Marketing, Cory Sanchez, speaks with Google Adwords and SEO expert Joel McDonald, about how to use Goo…

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