Ignoring Google Guidelines Will Not Get You Banned

I shouldn’t have to say it. It should totally stand to reason that if I, who defy Google at every step and turn, say that ignoring the Google rules is okay, then it works. I mean, I make a lot of money by not doing what Google says. For that matter, I make a lot of money by doing exactly what Google says not to do.

You see, there is a bit of a dance happening here. Its kind of like a teenage love story where one person sets the limits of whats okay, while the other person pushes them. Its just to see if they can get away with it. Maybe even get the grand prize by subverting the rules.

Google is very much like a woman that you want to get on with. That means that there are certain rules of the game, and certain rites of passage you have to pass through. If you find a shortcut, well kudos to you.

On a certain, basic level, the Google guidelines are common sense. If you would feel bad doing something, then Google has a rule for it. That makes sense. This is the purely white hat Search Engine Optimization stuff. Just because you’re a black hat doesn’t mean that you don’t use it. You just get more aggressive.

However, there are certain levels of Googles guidelines that don’t make much sense. Just like being with a woman, there are some things about Googles mentality that a man cannot understand. If you’ve seen the complexity of the rules of AdWords lately, you know what I’m talking about.

Naturally, there is a certain level of playing that will get you banned from Google. The trick of the dance here is that you push things as far as you can without crossing their line. At what point is it that you are being insistent, and where is it that you giving them a roofie? Where is it you being just manly enough and where do the restraining orders come in?

Google gets ever more complicated about where that line is. It’s not just Google; it’s every website that has an affiliate program. As time goes on, they tighten up the criteria of what’s okay. They become more and more prude as the years pass by.

While I myself haven’t grappled with these questions in my romantic life for some time now, it all still applies in business. Because ultimately, that’s what the relation between the self and the other is. It’s all about where the line is, and if you don’t know where the line is, well’you may wind up on the bad side of the law without knowing it.

Unfortunately, that’s where the search engines leave us. They may think that they’re protecting industry standards or what the ever, but ultimately, they’re leaving us in the dark.

Then they, and I get a chuckle out of this, penalize us for breaking rules that they just cook up without fair warning. Really, Google is the new Fascism in online business. They just think it’s all about them, but time will tell how things really go in Internet Marketing.

Jesson Preston is an internet marketing expert, specializes in Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Management. Mr. Preston is currentlybased in Baltimore, Maryland.

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