How to Use Anchors in Blogs

Marketing in today’s arena is no more restricted to physical advertisements and hoardings which were followed until a decade ago. In today’s world the popularity of a business depends on its online presence and how is it being marketed online.SEO is one of the strategies which is used to promote website and is the future of marketing. There are several factors that include the success of the marketing plan of a website. Many experts divide it into two parts the first would be on page optimization and the second would be off page optimization.Through Web Designing Company Delhi offers best services.

When we talk about the off page optimization, we talk about the link building or also known as back links to the website or blog. These back links are also considered as a vote in the favor of the website. The search engine will give a better rank to the website which has more back links than the one which has less number of back links. However there are few additional conditions to the back linking theory. The conditions are, one must back link with more meaningful website, the anchor text must be relevant, back link should not be on a no follow website etc.

One of the most important aspects of back linking is anchor text and its relevance, to start with let’s see what anchor text are. Anchor Text is that highlighted word which links the content on another website to our website or content on our website to another webpage of our website. Those who have used Microsoft Words must be aware of Hyperlink it is exactly similar to the hyperlink of Microsoft Words.

Anchor Text is not only a connecting word to the website; it is also a short description of the website it connects to. The search engine when scans the Anchor text it keeps the anchor text as the description of the website it connects and thus it is advisable to keep it more relevant with the purpose of the website. Thus always keep in mind what website’s theme (purpose) is and thus give back link from the website with similar theme so that the anchor text are more relevant and the search engine can rank the website better and thus the success rate of the increases.

The anchor text no matter be it on a blog or a website has equally amount of importance and thus, one should be care full while using them as they are one of the important part of off page optimization. Thus we would like to conclude with the advice that, please keep the anchor text more relevant to the website or blog it is connecting to as it will help the search engine to index or rank the web site better.

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