How Does Viral Marketing Work

We’ve heard a lot about it but how many of us actually know the answer to the question “How does Viral Marketing Work?” This technique basically involves passing something about that people would consider interesting enough to be passed on to other people. The process resembles a chain letter. Before proceeding with a viral campaign, the person or company knows exactly what kind of goal they are trying to achieve or what kind of target they are trying to reach. This may be lead generation, brand awareness, profit building, data capture, or something else.

Internet Viral Marketing– Three Effective Steps

Different methods of internet viral marketing may be adopted – eBooks, article marketing, YouTube videos, and social networking websites. Viral campaigns become effective by their very nature which has three steps:

Development of Content that’s Worth Spreading (Viral Concept) – This can include helpful information, useful information about a new product, and even some kind of game, quiz, or joke. If the person is really lucky, the viral content could spread to such an extent as to become an international phenomenon. Great ideas, the right sort of distribution, and perfect timing push the chances of success higher.
Starting the Viral Campaign – The second step in the process is to attract traffic and begin the viral campaign. There are a number of methods to do that of which some of the more successful ones are described here. Banner campaigns utilizing Skyscraper and MPU size advertisements with flash media elements are a great technique of generating traffic. Circulation of a viral campaign to a bought or owned list is also a smart technique because emails can be forwarded to coworkers and friends. It is possible that a website or magazine may cover your viral game. The benefit of submitting press releases is data capture and attraction of traffic. Posting manually on gaming sites, social bookmarking sites, social networking and competition pages will create interest about the product on websites, forums and blogs having associated content.
The third and final step is the development of quantifiable calls to action such as “Register Now,” “Add to Favorites,” “Forward to a Friend,” and “Bookmark This.”

If for example, you are striving to make an article go viral, at the end of the article, you would include a link to your website (in the resource box). So when the article is being passed around, the details of your business would also get around and therefore, the popularity of your website would increase. You would get the same benefits if you create an eBook and gave people free access to it.

Approach a Reliable Company

Now that you know how viral marketing works, you should take advantage of this technique preferably by taking assistance from a professional SEO company.


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