How does plastic surgery marketing work?

Promotion and projection of a plastic surgery practice do wonders for plastic surgery businesses. Over the years, the marketing and promotion of plastic surgery practice on the internet have increased as they have proved to be more result oriented than any other forms of marketing.

Internet marketing for plastic surgery begins with having an impressive website. If the plastic surgeon does not have a website, he or she should get one. If there is already a website, but one which has been ineffective, it should be redesigned.

Plastic surgery website is an effective tool in making a cosmetic surgeon stands out among other plastic surgeons. For a result oriented website, plastic surgeons should hire a team of experts who deal with plastic surgery marketing. A good plastic surgery website should contain information about plastic surgeons, staff, and the services offered in the practice. Plastic surgery websites should convince visitors that surgeons are competent physicians and they are the right choice for them. This can be done by adding before and after images of plastic surgery treatments and testimonials from satisfied patients.

Plastic surgeons websites should have an online appointment form where potential patients can provide information about themselves. A well designed plastic surgery website should encourage the visitors to ask questions and provide answers to those queries clearly. However, having an attractive website is not enough; for the best plastic surgery marketing, plastic surgeons require other things as well.

Firstly, plastic surgery website must be search engine friendly or Search Engine Optimized (SEO); an optimized plastic surgery website is readily recognized by major search engines like Yahoo, MSN, and Google, and will appear on the front pages of these major search engines. The correct choices of keywords and key phrases are also important for local marketing for a plastic surgery website.

Link building is another useful strategy for plastic surgery website promotion. Link building improves website rankings on the search engines and also generates more traffic to a well designed cosmetic surgery website. Press releases are an excellent method of gaining wider exposure and getting more links. However, make sure the links are from quality websites, as bad linking from poor websites can harm a plastic surgery website ranking.

Pay per click on major search engines like Yahoo, MSN and Google is a short and legitimate way of getting attention and local traffic to a plastic surgery website on the net. It is one of the frequently used methods for local plastic surgery marketing and promotion. Another good marketing practice for plastic surgery is to keep in touch with previous patients through e-mails and newsletters. Plastic surgery email marketing should be about potential website visitors that were opt-in (permission by patients or website visitors) to receive email from plastic surgery practice, and about former patients receiving information about new techniques, procedures, and promotions.

Online plastic surgery marketing and promotion have their benefits. They project the physician as an efficient plastic surgeon, helping the plastic surgery practice to grow. They give people information about the plastic surgeon, qualifications, and past surgeries.

This establishes plastic surgeon’s credibility effectively. Online plastic surgery promotion not only retains the plastic surgeon’s existing patients, but it also introduces plastic surgeon to new ones. (PSM) is a subsidiary of Search Engine Projects Inc., providing online and offline marketing strategies to plastic surgeons in the United States and Canada. PSM designs plastic surgery websites and promotes plastic surgery practices. You can contact at


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