How Does Google Analytics Work?

Analytic is a webmaster tool which helps you understand how many visitors have visited your website. It is a great tool for online marketers as it helps us understand where our traffic is coming and its fluctuations.It gives a clear summary on the ratio of changes that occurs. At first you go to Analytic main page and sign up . On signing up you will be able to add your website to analytic.Once the website is added you need to at first verify your website . Now, There are Two ways of verifying your website. They can be verified by :-

Adding HTML
Adding Meta tag

Adding HTML :

If you want to verify your website by adding an HTML then just download the file given to you and store it on the desktop of your computer.

At first login to your website or Mysql through your favorite FTP client.
Once the web-browser/remote browser opens open the local browser where you had earlier saved the HTML file.
On locating the file in the local browser just copy it in the root folder of your website.
Go back to Google analytic and simply click the verify button and your website is verified.

Adding META TAG :

If you want to verify your website by adding a META TAG then it is even easier. If you have absolutely no knowledge and are a complete newbie then this is for you.

Copy you entire Index file and paste it on a new notepad as Backup
Open the index.php file and scroll down for the first and paste the Meta tag just below it.
After adding save the file.
Go back to analytic and verify site.

Now when you have verified your website you start receiving important data giving you the knowledge about traffic to your website. With analytic you can also set your goals by optimizing your content on your website. As for example if there is a particular article that you have with which you want to attract can actually know how many hits your article receives on a given day. Just by following the simple methods and the huge network and support that Google boasts off. It becomes relevantly easy for a newbie to make the most with webmaster tools.Especially Google Analytic .

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