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Get your business listed and optimised for the top of Google Local (Places) google places seo Australia today for as little as only $ 6 a week.

Why optimise your business in now?

1. Theres only Top 7 spots available in each suburb
2. Unlimited leads (you dont pay per click or per lead)
3. 82% of all Australians go online to find their local business
4. 92% of all Australians online use Google
5. 12 times more people use Google than Yellow Pages Books
6. 18 times more people use Google than local newspapers
7. Due to high use of iPhone & smart phones Google Places is the first choice in search
8. Be found easily by existing customers looking for your number
9. Get called by new opportunities in your local area
10. Jump ahead of your competition
11. Google Places mini-site featuring photos, testimonials, opening times, details about your business
12. Get quality targeted website traffic
13. Detailed statistics showing you who is searching for you, where they came from and what theyre looking for
14. 90 Day Money Back Guarantee Top 7 within 90 days or your full money back
15. 12 months support & assistance with your listing optimisation
16. Thousands of satisfied customers, see testimonials

So what can you get these days for $ 6 a week? Not much. What many SEO companies would charge a month we charge for the whole year. Front page of Google for your local area and surrounding areas starts from only $ 299+GST for 12 months, that works out to be $ 5.75+GST a week. Find out why our customers are bragging about our optimisation service and how it can turn the power of Google into calls and traffic for your business.

* Get unlimited local leads
* 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
* Setup & Optimisation of your Google Places mini-site
* 12 months support and optimisation

Ask us how we can help optimise your business to appear in the top search results in your local area. We specialise in listing your local business in Google Places and Google Places Optimisation to help your business grow online Contact us,

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