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For weeks Google hardly did a change in its page of results (Google’s SERP) showing between the first results the data that appeared in Google Places. This change supposes a new conception than it was known like TOP 10 since it is possible to find us up to 14 results. A variable number according to the search and the moment of the search since Google seems to be testing and where it shows 14, can show 10, 12… following the amount of results that are outstanding of Google Maps. To be in first positions of Google Maps for geolocalizadas searches supposes an increase of the quite remarkable traffic if previously nontapeworms organic positions gained by those key words. This new system of Google supposes a change for the seo that now more than ever must work on Google Maps. The optimization in Google Maps has several important points that they are due to emphasize. On the one hand it is necessary to standardize the telephone of our business with the suitable format, for example, 0034 902 351 821. Another one of the factors that seem to have relevance is the amount of commentaries that has the local business. To demand the businesses, is important that if already is registered by some directory, who this is demanded. To obtain links local, to fill up all the information, even photos, videos and coupons. Besides having a local dominion. You can extend the information in post on Factors seo in Google Maps According to a study realised by SEOMOZ, being or not being in Google Places has supposed a problem for some Webs and an advance for others. Nevertheless we were with pages that had first positions in positioned the organic results that when being badly in Google Maps, have seen as they lost the third or fourth position to go away to one eighth or more far still following the search. SEOMOZ also picks up these data it shows and them in the following table. As it is appraised, these displaced results can be very detrimental if they are searches by which we competed and they contributed a great amount to us of traffic. It is for that reason that if your business is local, is necessary to enter Google Maps as rapidly as possible or you will lose an opportunity to appear in the first positions.

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